In this constantly evolving world where consumer behavior, technology, brand power and fundamental business models are shifting faster than ever, nothing is more valuable than true insights.

However, the methodologies for revealing them are not keeping pace with those changes.

With greater than ever pressure for the sometimes opposing forces of innovation and accountability a new approach is required.

Peep is a new research based company created especially for today's and tomorrow's marketeers and innovators utilizing proprietary methodology filtered through the lens of experienced socio-cultural researchers and consultants.

If you want to stay ahead, then Peep inside, under, around, through and beyond your customers and call us for an insightful and revealing conversation.


Maria Vrachnos

Maria Vrachnos is a socio-cultural research and trend expert. She has worked in the strategic planning, innovations and research arena for over fifteen years and has delivered tailored trend research services for a broad range of clients, including JP Morgan, Nissan, Proctor and Gamble and Warner Brothers. Most recently, Maria established Consumer Insight and Experience Centers for Philips DAP, which identify need states and inform product innovation and marketing activities in North America. As former editor of the 'L Report,' the trend study immortalized by Malcolm Gladwell's 'Tipping Point,' Maria directed primary research identifying influential trend themes and their impact on culture. She is frequently cited as a trend authority in magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times, WWD and Brand Week. Maria is a Middlebury graduate and speaks Italian, Spanish and Greek fluently.



We use a combination of non-traditional methodologies and innovation tools to identify consumer behavior patterns and motivations. Peep's insight toolbox taps societal shifts, cultural trends and consumer preferences.

We work with Fortune 500 companies, across technology, music and entertainment categories to understand people's habits and track attitudinal tendencies. From new product testing to audience analysis and trend forecasting, peep tools identify not just the "what", but the "why" driving needs and tastes.

Deployment is customized to meet each client's specific objectives, from exploratory needs to deep dive immersion.



To envision the future you must understand the past. A retrospective evaluates prior research studies and analyzes relevant media, news and blog sources from the past twelve months. This assessment is bolstered by relevant trend tracking and pop culture references. The combination provides a holistic approach that helps identify true knowledge gaps and drives research methodology and design.



"Culturescans" are about immersion. Engage in today's emerging cultural and aesthetic trends by participating in relevant activities, from burlesque roller derby to toddler cooking classes that expand children's palettes. We scan and dissect design, new media, health, beauty, art and pop culture so that you can tap the zeitgeist and glean unexpected parallels that inform your strategic imperatives.



Nothing gets you closer to the truth than talking to those in-the-know. Kick off your insight work by hearing from the gatekeepers of culture - curators, magazine editors, fashion designers and artists. These videotaped sessions are configured according to individual project needs, but all discussions - from one-on-ones to roundtables ├▒ provide an invaluable "insider" perspective.



How well do you really know your consumer? Dailies provide an intimate understanding. Spend an entire day or evening with consumers to get a realistic view of their worlds. Go to work with them, shop with them, cook with them or go out on the town with them; the more natural and comfortable they are, the easier it becomes to identify their true habits and motivators.



We take the researcher out of the equation in these documentary style video journals. We screen for authentic and articulate participants and encourage them to be as candid and natural as possible. Detailed assignments, which include daily questionnaires and location guidelines, serve as "scripts", but there is plenty of room for self-expression. These uncensored, self-directed confessionals inevitably unearth surprising insights and revealing nuances.



Challenge consumers to do "without" and help better understand the importance a brand, product or event plays in their lives. These videographies reveal emotional connections in a powerful way.


trend tour

A guided market tour designed around pre-determined client needs. Peppered with onsite interviews, lunch Q&A sessions or experiential components├│each tour is created to challenge category preconceptions and inspire.



Real-time feedback provides honest, passionate responses. Via PSFK we reach a global network of bloggers. Instant accessibility by remote teams and on-going interactivity, inclusive of visual materials and video postings, are some of this tool's advantages.



The evolution of the focus group, where specifically recruited consumers are gathered in inspiring venues to foster honest exchange or collaboration.